Open Access Fund Recipients

Recipients of the Provost’s Open Access Fund have made their work available via open access to facilitate scholarship around the world.

Publishing Fund

  • Ylisabyth S. Bradshaw, with Tufts co-authors Pam Ressler, Lisa Gualtieri, and Kwan Ho Kenneth Chu.
  • Sean Cash.
  • Michael Court, with Tufts co-authors Binu Shrestha, J Michael Reed, and Gretchen E Kaufman.
  • Mary E. Davis.
  • Dan Dennett.
  • Sara Folta, with Tufts co-authors Jennifer Ackerman and Miriam E. Nelson.
  • Catherine Freudenreich, with Tufts co-authors Ranjith P. Anand, Kartik A. Shah, and Sergei M. Mirkin.
  • Juliet Fuhrman, with Tufts co-authors  Ronald Heustis, Hong Ng, Kenneth Brand, Meredith Rogers, and Linda Le.
  • Irene Georgakoudi, with Tufts affiliated co-authors, Joanna F. Xylas, Kyle Quinn, and Martin Hunter.
  • David M. Gute, with Tufts co-authors Karen Claire Kosinski, John Durant, and Miguel Stadecker.
  • Benjamin Hescott, with Tufts co-authors Andrew Gallant, Maxim Kachalov, and Lenore Cowen.
  • Daniel Jay,  with Tufts co-authors Jessica Sims and Jessicia McCready.
  • Catherine Kuo, with Tufts co-authors Jeffrey P. Brown, Rachel Lind, and Anthony F. Burzesi.
  • Kyongbum Lee, with Tufts co-authors Gautham Sridharan and Soha Hassoun.
  • Michael Levin, with Tufts co-authors Ai-Sun Tseng and Joan M. Lemire.
  • Simin Nikbin Meydani, with Tufts affiliated co-authors, Alberto Molano, Angelo Azzi, Dayong Wu, Zhaofeng Huang, Melissa G. Marko, and Stephen C. Bunnell.
  • Mitch McVey, with Tufts co-authors Daniel P. Kane and Michael Shusterman.
  • Eric L. Miller, with Tufts co-authors Sergio Fantini and Fridrik Larusson.
  • Colin Orians.
  • Karen Panetta.
  • Matthew Panzer, with Tufts co-author Ali Boroumand.
  • Andrew Ramsburg.
  • Michael J. Reed, with Tufts co-authors  Ben Dane and Rebecca Harris.
  • Lisa Shin with Tufts co-authors Reid Offringa,  Kathryn Handwerger Brohawn, Lindsay Staples, Stacey Dubois, F. Caroline Davis, Katherine Hughes, Danielle Pfaff, and Michael VanElzakker.
  • Samuel W. Thomas III, with Tufts co-authors  Jingjing Zhang and Syena Sarrafpour.
  • Scott Weiner, with Tufts co-author Betzalel Reich.
  • Mark Woodin, with Tufts co-authors  Bindu Panikkar, Doug Brugge, Anne Marie Desmarais, Raymond Hyatt, and David Gute.

Digitization Fund