Spotlight + Event: Disrupting the Daily Routine Exhibition + Performance, Feb 7


Performance at 7 pm February 7th with Thalia Berard and Willoughby Lucas Hastings.
Situated in the lobby of Commerce Place, in Malden Center, Disrupting the Daily Routine is an exhibition presenting conceptual works in sculpture, new media, installation, and performance to the patients and practitioners that interact with this site daily. The artists in this show challenge themselves and viewers to begin the 2020 year by evaluating the ways in which we react to the failures of our habitual actions and worldviews. Anja DuBois grapples with the unknowability of living things to recognize any perspective or consciousness other than their own. Paulina MacNeil visualizes feelings of comfort and uncanniness from the inaccuracies in digital recreations of the physical world. Krystle Brown contends with the entanglements of familial memory within the myth of American meritocracy. Willoughby Lucas Hastings and Thalia Berard embody and subvert the tropes of performative patriotism to interrogate the ways aesthetics maintain ideological control. In the season of New Year’s Resolution and at the start of an election year, this exhibition proposes behavioral change and personal investment to confront the obstacles impeding the future health of our society. Exhibiting Artists:
Thalia Berard
Krystle Brown
Anja DuBois
Willoughby Lucas Hastings
Paulina MacNeil Curated By:
Willoughby Lucas Hastings

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Off Campus: In Conversation with Katherine Mitchell DiRico (SMFA Alumn) and Leonie Bradbury

“When one sense is stimulated, another sense is involuntarily stimulated at the same instant. This is known as the neurological condition synesthesia. Instruments of Synesthesia, constructed by Katherine Mitchell DiRico, explores how today’s networked world affects our sense perception and personal connectivity. 

Join Abigail Ogilvy Gallery, Katherine Mitchell DiRico, and Leonie Bradbury for a conversation about her work and how it relates to contemporary art, technology, and innovation. This is an invitation-only event; please be sure to RSVP to share in the exploration of this phenomena.”

Light fare will be served.

RSVP Required

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Off Campus: Catherine Sullivan Talk at BU

Tuesday March 26, 7:30-9pm  – 808 Commonwealth Ave. 02446    *Room 346*

Sponsored by Boston University’s MFA program in Sculpture and Harvard University’s Department of Visual and Environmental Studies, Chicago based artist, Catherine Sullivan, will give a lecture on her work. 

Born in 1968 in Los Angeles, Catherine Sullivan creates ensemble work in film, theater and visual art. She is concerned with the ways in which history is projected through the body, and questions of redress in American social life. Performers in her works cope with written texts, stylistic economies, re-enactments of historic performances, gestural and choreographic regimes, and conceptual orthodoxies. Art 21 Video

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OFF-CAMPUS: Alex Borovski, Tyler Giordano, Alumn “The Skin Has Eyes: Animated Visions” at BCA Mills Gallery 2/23

The Skin Has Eyes: Animated Visions
Curated by Maya Erdelyi (SMFA Animation instructor)
Mills Gallery, Boston, MA
February 23–April 28
Opening Reception
Saturday, February 23 | 6–9 pm

Participating artists: Amanda Bonaiuto (SMFA), Alexandra Borovski (SMFA), Ernesto Caivano, Eric Dyer, Maya Erdelyi, Jake Fried, Tyler Giordano (SMFA), Laura Harrison, Gina Kamentsky (SMFA Animation instructor), Amy Lee Ketchum, Black Math, Hayley Morris and Ashley Wick.

This exhibition highlights contemporary animators who create physical works as part of their practice (both process and product) along with fine artists who experiment with animation. These artists are working across various mediums, including film strips and direct animation, cut-paper stop-motion, sculpture, drawing, painting, zoetropes, traditional animation processes, palimpsests and projections. The skin of the medium becomes alive through animation. The show will also include music/film events, a direct on film animation workshop and a closing panel with the artists.

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