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Studio Manager

Metals & Fibers

Office: A111

Where did you go to college?

Right here at good ol’ SMFA.

What medium(s) do you use in your personal practice?

Like a proper SMFA student, I let the project tell me what to use. I’ve worked with ceramics, watercolor, various kinds of sculpture, sound, performance, installation, papermaking, litho, screenprinting, etching, metals, fibers… More often these days I’m crocheting baby blankets as gifts for friends – craft is totally cool too!

What is your zodiac sign?

Gemini sun (which often surprises people), Virgo moon and Virgo rising (which they think explains it all)

How many continents have you visited?

Four: South America (born in Venezuela; Peru), North America (US, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Dominican Republic), Europe (UK, France, Italy), Asia (Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea)

Favorite artist(s)?

Ragnar Kjartansson, Jillian Moore, William Morris, Vivian Beer

Favorite book or movie??

Non-fiction: A History of the World in 12 Maps, The Other Classical Musics, The Information.
Fiction: currently devouring everything Brandon Sanderson has written.
Movie: Clue (1985). It’s so campy and makes me so happy. I also feel like Two Towers (extended edition, duh) is an unspoken and obvious answer.

What is your weirdest hobby or collection??

I have a bunch of my friends’ hair from over the years. A lot of it is fun colors, and is all from haircuts or brushes. No plans for it, not on display, just sitting in Ziplocs in a drawer. Just in case.

If you were a vegetable, what would you be?

Artichoke. Sometimes a gross, crusty, spiky-lookin’ thing, and sometimes a beautiful flower. Some parts are fibrous and tough but there’s a soft, tender heart. A contradiction. Round. Feels her best after taking a boiling hot bath and moisturizing (her in butter, me in lotion).

Tiger and Deathwish are 17 years apart in age and are thinking about dropping an album in the near future.