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Every member of the Tufts community must abide by the Tufts Code of Conduct. Additionally, Tufts community members must follow the general policies outlined in the SMFA Studio Resources Handbook, which apply to all specialized studios.


Each specialized studio has its own policies and procedures. Studio users must abide by the policies set forth by each individual studio. Please note that these documents are for reference only, and do not grant access to studios, although they may describe how to gain access. Contact the relevant Studio Manager with any questions or requests.

A002 WeldingB003 Multimedia Project Suites
A004, A005, A006, A010 CeramicsB004 Media Stockroom
A104, A106 Print ShopB005 Color Film Processing
A108 Paper MakingB006 Alternative Processes & Mural Printing
A111 MetalsB007, B009 Film Loading
A201 Sound BoothB011 Main Darkroom
A202 DrawingB015 Sound
A203 ScreenprintingB016 Animation
A205 WoodshopB019 Digital Photography Lab
A206 Book ArtsB026 Graphic Arts
A207 RisographB031 Inkjet Printing Lab
A208 FibersB113 Animation
A210 SculptureB115 Video & Digital Media
A212 Digital FabricationB115B Color Grading Suite
A304 Spray BoothB209 Performance
A310 Studio / ClassroomB211 Mac Lab
A314 Plaster & Mold MakingB305, B307, B309 Painting
A316 Installation
C110 MH Computer LabBarnum 200
C115 MH FabricationBarnum LL01
Jackson Photo
Lane 109