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Barnum Hall, LL01

Studio LL01 is a multidisciplinary studio space that includes easels, a model stand, and painting and drawing storage space. The space can be arranged to accommodate the specific needs of individual students or the entire class.

Using the Studio


This studio is open to all authorized users whenever the building is open and class is not currently meeting in the space. After 10pm, authorized users must call non-emergency TUPD to have door remotely unlocked.

How to gain access

To become an authorized user, studio users must sign the user agreement and abide by the Policies linked below. To request authorization and access the user agreement, contact the Studio Manager.

Safety & Policies

All users must read, sign, and abide by the Studio Policies and Contract document which outlines studio safety and procedures. Simply reading the document does not grant access. See How to Gain Access above.

Tools & Equipment