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The DFS houses machines that translate digital creations into physical objects. We have a laser cutter, FDM and SLA 3D printers, and a small CNC router, and we carry materials like cardboard, wood, acrylic, cloth, spools of PLA plastic, resins, that students can use to make (almost) any project into a reality.

Using the Studio


This studio can only be accessed by certified users when a safety monitor is present and a class is not currently scheduled to meet in the space. 

How to gain access

To receive certification, users must be currently or previously enrolled in a class in the studio, attend certification session(s), or contact the Studio Manager for other training and certification options. All studio users must sign the user agreement and abide by the Policies linked below. To access the user agreement, contact the Studio Manager.

Studio users must not use equipment they haven’t been trained on. Contact the Studio Manager for training.

Safety & Policies

All users must read, sign, and abide by the Studio Policies and Contract document which outlines studio safety and procedures. Simply reading the document does not grant access. See How to Gain Access above.

Tools & Equipment

Formerly the Advanced Production Lab (APL)