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The Drawing Studio is designed to support drawing processes, but can be used for most disciplines. With ample natural lighting, movable walls, and a collection of still life objects for class use, this studios is well suited to drawing from life and displaying work for critiques and review boards.

Using the Studio


This studio may be accessed whenever the building is open and class is not currently scheduled to meet in the space. 

NOTE: if you see a magnetic sign on a studio door (including signs on connecting doors between studios) indicating that there is a model in session, you may not enter the studio unless you are enrolled in the class that is scheduled in that room.

How to gain access

All studio users must sign the user agreement and abide by the Policies linked below. To access the user agreement, contact the Studio Manager.

Studio users must not use equipment they haven’t been trained on. Contact the Studio Manager for training.

Safety & Policies

Please note that oil painting is not allowed in this room.

All users must read, sign, and abide by the Studio Policies and Contract document which outlines studio safety and procedures. Simply reading the document does not grant access. See How to Gain Access above.

Tools & Equipment