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The Video & Digital Media Studio is a dynamic, multi-purpose studio that supports a variety of disciplines. It is a busy classroom, but outside of class meetings, it is an excellent workspace for a number of digital and physical media. The studio is divided into three discrete sections: Computer Lab, Discussion Table, Production and Installation Area.

Using the Studio


This studio may be accessed by ID card whenever the building is open and class is not currently meeting in the space. 

How to gain access

Users are granted card access by faculty through enrollment in a class, or by a Studio Manager after an orientation and/or training. All studio users must sign the user agreement and abide by the Policies linked below. To access the user agreement, contact the Studio Manager.

Studio users must not use equipment they haven’t been trained on. Contact the Studio Manager for training.

Safety & Policies

All users must read, sign, and abide by the Studio Policies and Contract document which outlines studio safety and procedures. Simply reading the document does not grant access. See How to Gain Access above.

Tools & Equipment