Welcome to the course page for Moon Duchin’s section of Mathematics of Social Choice in Spring 2018!  (The other section is taught by Linda Garant.  Linda’s website is here.)

Syllabus (includes topics and pacing)

Exam and Office Hours

The final exam is CUMULATIVE.  You have two options for when to take it:  Sunday 5/6 from 7-9pm in our usual classroom, or Monday 5/7 from 12-2 in our usual classroom.

Extra office hours leading up to final:

  • Monday 4/30, 9:30am, 3pm
  • Tuesday 5/1, 11-1
  • Thursday 5/3, 11:30
  • Friday 5/4, 4pm

In addition, I’ll hold a Saturday 5/5 review session in BP 101 from 10-12