We have five amazing people supporting this course! I’ll post section information here. These section leaders were chosen to support this course primarily because they are excellent teachers of math and they are interested in and engaged with the focus area of each section. Do not assume they are experts in the focus area already! They will share material with you that will bring out the focus over the course of the semester.

Section 1 – Python (learners) and policy focus

Bhushan Suwal (bhushan.suwal@tufts.edu), Talia Blum (taliab@mit.edu)

Section 2 – International focus

Tasia Gladkova (taissa.gladkova@tufts.edu)

Section 3 – Civil rights and law focus

Heather Newman (hanewman@andrew.cmu.edu)

“Introduction to the VRA” and “The State of Play in Voting Rights”

Section 4 – Science, technology, and society (STS) focus

Robert Hoover (robert.hoover@tufts.edu)

How do sections work?

Section attendance (synchronous, on zoom) is mandatory – sections 1,2,4 meet Tuesdays 9:30-10:30 and section 3 meets Tuesdays 12:30-1:30. The communications platform for sections (and for the class generally) is Slack. Contact me (moon.duchin@tufts.edu) if you’ve joined the class late and need a section assignment.

You are responsible for the contents of the slack communications in your section channel and in the socialchoice-general channel. If you don’t want to keep Slack open, you can set it up to forward posts to your email.

In addition to asynchronous lectures and synchronous section meetings, there are a huge number of other opportunities available to you to engage with the class: slack, office hours, guest lectures, watch parties, and more. Find what feels best to you! At the end of the term we will ask you for a writeup of your engagement with the class through any of these mechanisms.

Final project info

Here’s a writeup of final project information, including topic prompts by section.