Welcome to Tufts Spatial Cognition Lab! 

We explore a variety of topics related to human learning and memory, including: 
Spatial Cognition – navigation, spatial perception, spatial memory

Spatial Language – written directions, layout descriptions

Spatial Visualizations – maps, navigation guidance systems, object visualization in education

Spatial Abilities –individual differences, assessment measures, role in STEM learning, role in navigation outcomes.

Emphasis is placed on the application of these research topics to real world problems in education, training, human performance, human factors, and engineering. See the publications page for details. If you are interested in working in our lab, contact Dr. Holly A. Taylor (Lab PI) at holly.taylor (at) tufts.edu

Dr. Taylor is also Co-Director of the Center for Applied Brain and Cognitive Sciences. This collaborative research center promotes and supports interdisciplinary research focused on monitoring, predicting, and optimizing human performance.