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Welcome to Tufts Women’s Ultimate! We are so excited for the new season to start.  The Ewo (Elephant Women) are nearly 60 strong this year and contain two great teams–the Ewo and the Bwo. While both teams compete at a very serious level, last year the Ewo competed in tournaments and the college series which took them Boulder, CO for the D-I College Championships. While maintaining a solid practice and workout routine year round, both teams are committed to the spirit of the game and having a good time!

Contact information: Current Ewo Captains: Claudia (claudia.tajima@tufts.edu), Hailey (hailey.alm@tufts.edu), Miley (eliza.earle@tufts.edu) and Rodeo (rachel.rhodes@tufts.edu)

Bwo Captains: Spud (michelle.ichinco at gmail dot com), Spork (j.scolnic at gmail dot com) and Piney (allison.wahrenberger at gmail dot com)

Ewo at Nationals in Boulder, CO, 2011


Ewo 2011


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