Looking Ahead to Spring 2013

After a fun and successful fall, the Ewo and Bwo are looking forward to another great spring! Both teams got a fantastic new group of players and are ready to show off their stuff once the frigid Boston weather warms up. Between practices in Gantcher, team workouts, and FITTFU on Fridays, everyone in the program is gearing up for an awesome season.

The Ewo have an exciting lineup of tournaments for the spring, including women’s College Centex, and are focused on performing well in the College Series to earn their third trip in a row to DI College Nationals, held this year in Madison, WI from May 24-27. The Ewo are lucky to have the continued help and guidance from our coaches, Sangwha and Meriden, and three amazing captains, Hailey, Claudia, and Gecko. Also, the great people at Five Ultimate deserve a huge thank you for sponsoring us again. We hope you all can make it out to a tournament sometime this season to support the ‘wo! Remember to follow us on Twitter for game updates and fun Ewo facts, and on Facebook.

Finally, Zilla introduces the Tufts Ewo A newbies:

TASHA. Spicy senior. Former bwoah. Got the chilly vibes on the field and the freaky grandma sweater as a dark. Bout to catch every crazy throw. Down with that.

TOGA. Jammin Junior. Former bwoah. Nala, she has cooler tights than you. A bunch of ’em. Skying biddies left n right with greek goddess style.

KATHY(katherine/khops). Tenacious Transfer. Snarkier thanGecko ever was. Lays out all over the place #lookscoolthou Bout to pull out some dirty bids in the clutch.

JOJO. Fiery Frosh. (two gingers on the team holy poop). Smooth throws, casual candor, all business, reminds me of really cute animals.

LAURA. Fancy Frosh. Plays in gloves amazingly. Crazy dope throws. HANDLER♥. Hat girl. Pulls like wut wut. Rock solid. #maybeillcutafewpointsthisyear #dreamin

LEAH.  YEAH Frosh. ANOTHER HANDLER! amherst reppin’ like Kath. Rocks da zone with smarty pants throws and this peace pagoda calm.

Elephant women


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