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Lab and alumni dinner at the SICB meeting in Seattle, January 2024

Undergraduate research positions

We are almost always looking for motivated undergraduates to join the lab. Fill out this form with a description of your interests and your fit to the lab if you are interested.

PhD positions

We’re not recruiting any PhD students for Fall 2024.

In general, we are seeking creative, collaborative, and innovative scholars from diverse backgrounds who are interested in understanding the biomechanics and muscle physiology of swimming in fishes. We use quantitative approaches from physics and engineering to examine stability and control of fishes as they swim — including individual fish and groups of schooling fish — and we aim to place those results within the context of the evolution and diversity of fishes.

We have many ongoing projects that could serve as the starting point for a dissertation (see here for more information), but I encourage students to develop their own ideas for their PhD research. PhD students receive a guaranteed stipend for six years, health coverage, and a complete tuition scholarship.

Our group also loves to develop outreach programs related to fish biomechanics and diversity. We have been involved with the Boston Museum of Science and Tufts Community Day.

Previous PhD students have gone on to academic positions after working in the Tytell lab. Examples include Cassandra Donatelli (an assistant professor at Chapman University) and Jerry Mekdara (a postdoc at the NIH).

If you are interested in joining the lab as a graduate student, please consider the following:

Postdoctoral positions

We do not currently have any postdoctoral or technician positions available. If you are interested in a postdoc position and have ideas for fellowships that could support the position, please email Eric.

Lab fishing trip, June 2024