Dr. Tytell teaches both undergraduate and graduate level courses at Tufts.

Biology 262: Science Communication
Spring 2020 and alternate spring semesters

This course is designed to help graduate students learn how to communicate better about science to the public, to their fellow scientists, to advocacy groups, and to funding agencies. Scientists are increasingly called upon to explain and advocate science to diverse groups. This course will provide training in writing, speaking, and graphical presentation skills in a variety of formats. Students will also learn how to effectively edit and critique their work and others’. We will focus on writing and communicating in a popular style so that students can develop their abilities to present information clearly and logically; such skills will translate naturally into writing for scientific journals, for grants, and for presentations at conferences.

Biology 117: Physiology of Movement
Spring 2021 and alternate spring semesters

This course explores the physiological basis of human and animal movement, focusing on biomechanics, kinesiology, and muscle and bone physiology.  The goal of this course is to serve as an overview of biomechanics, with emphasis on locomotion. The course consists of two lectures per week, interspersed with in-class and take-home activities. These activities and take-home problem sets will be used to assess understanding of the material, as well as providing you with some examples for the type of questions that will be asked on exams. As a result, the course schedule is a work in progress, and will be modified as needed to accommodate greater or lesser emphasis on topics outlined here.

Biology 49: Experiments in Physiology
Fall semesters (Team taught with Dr. Barry Trimmer and Dr. Mimi Kao)

Investigation of several laboratory problems drawn from various areas of physiology. Dr. Tytell’s section is primarily exercise physiology, including projects based on the electrocardiogram, the diving response, and the biomechanics of stepping.