Introducing the Next Generation of Trunk and TUSK

 Tufts is adopting a new, university-wide Learning Management System (LMS) to replace Trunk and TUSK. After more than a year of careful research, Educational Technology Services selected Canvas by Instructure as our new LMS.

Canvas is a best-in-class, open source LMS with an intuitive interface, a robust feature set, and excellent vendor support. Many of Tufts’ local peer institutions – including Boston College, Harvard University, Brown University, and Emerson College – have adopted Canvas, providing an opportunity for us to work with our colleagues on suggesting and creating new tools and features. Learn more about why we chose Canvas.

Canvas at a Glance

This 13-minute video, part of our online Instructor Orientation and Training course, will give you an overview of Canvas tools and features. To see the entire training course, log in at and look for the course card on your Canvas Dashboard. (Having trouble finding the training course? Email and request access.)