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Notifications: Recommendations for Instructors

Canvas includes a set of default notification preferences you can receive for your courses. Notifications are sent to your Tufts email address and any additional Canvas Contact Methods you add to your account. However, you can change the default settings and set your own notification preferences.

These preferences only apply to you; they are not used to control how course updates are sent to other users. Each individual student and instructor can decide what notifications they want to receive and how frequently to receive them.

To edit your notifications preferences, click on the Account link at the top of the navigation menu in Canvas and select Notifications.

Notification icons and what they mean

Checkmark: Receive notifications immediately. (“Immediate” notifications are still delayed by about an hour. This prevents users from getting multiple notifications if, for example, an instructor writes an announcement and immediately edits it to fix a typo.)

Clock: Receive all notifications in a daily email.

Calendar: Receive all notifications in a weekly email.

X: Do not receive notifications for that item.

Note: Each notification preference will apply to all of your courses. They cannot be set for each course individually.

Recommended Notification Settings

Canvas gives all users the same default notification preferences. We recommend that instructors make changes to the following items:

Notification typeWhat triggers a notification
Recommended setting

Course Activities

Announcement Created by YouYou write and post an announcement

A student or instructor replies to your announcement

Notify me right away

Submission CommentA student or instructor comments on an assignment submission

Notify me right away

Conversations (Inbox)

Added to ConversationYou are added to a conversation

Notify me right away

Conversation MessageYou have a new message in your Canvas inbox

Notify me right away

Conversations Created by MeYou send a message to another Canvas user or users

Notify me right away


Student Appointment SignupsA student signs up for an appointment

Notify me right away

Appointment SignupsA new appointment is added to your calendar

Notify me right away

Appointment CancellationsAn appointment on your calendar is cancelled

Notify me right away

This content is adapted from the Canvas @ Yale documentation.