Welcome Letter

Dear Experimental College Instructors,

Now in its fifty-fourth year, the Experimental College at Tufts continues to be one of what the university has dubbed its “signature programs.”

Students come to us because our offerings are broad and innovative, because we’re committed to keeping class sizes small, and because the teaching style we promote is highly interactive.

Our instructors quickly learn to appreciate the quality of the students in their courses and the classroom atmosphere that’s created. As one past instructor put it: “The students are a joy to teach. They come to class prepared and are not afraid to talk or be honest.”

The ExCollege staff hopes that each of you have a similarly rewarding experience. To that end, we have designed this site to make your life easier and to answer some of the questions you may have about being part of Tufts and the ExCollege.

Let me end by offering a plea. We cannot stress enough the importance of communication. The semester begins in such a flurry that we need to know, right from the start, what’s happening in all our classes. Indeed, the first place students come for information is our office.

Once again, welcome! Feel free to call, email, or text me with any questions, suggestions, or requests. We’re all here to help make your time with us as successful as possible.

For the ExCollege staff,


Howard Woolf
Director, Experimental College
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education
office: 617-627-3384
cell: 781-771-0628

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