Academic Calendar

ExCollege Academic Calendar

Spring 2014



Jan 15                    Wed      Classes Begin; XC registration begins 9am

Jan 20                   Mon      Martin Luther King Day (University Holiday) No Classes

Jan 22                   Wed       Substitute Monday’s Schedule on Wednesday



Feb 17                  Mon       Presidents’ Day Observed (University Holiday) No Classes

Feb 19                  Wed       Last day for ASE undergrads (except first-years) to drop courses without

record of enrollment. Last day for all undergrads to select pass/fail option.

Feb 20                  Thu        Substitute Monday’s schedule on Thursday

Feb 26                  Wed       Last day for AS&E students to make up incomplete grades from fall 2013



Mar 15                 Sat            Spring Recess begins

Mar 24                Mon         Spring Recess ends; Classes Resume



Apr 2                     Wed       Last day for undergrad first-years to drop courses without record of

enrollment; Last day for first-years to select pass/fail option

Apr 21                  Mon        Patriots’ Day observed (University Holiday) No Classes

Apr 28                  Mon       Classes end; last day for AS&E undergraduates to WITHDRAW from courses

Apr 29                  Tue         Reading Period

Apr 30                  Wed       Reading Period



May 1                   Thu          Reading Period

May 2                   Fri           Final Examinations begin

May 9                   Fri           Final Examinations end

May 16                 Fri           Grades due for ExCollege courses


Note: Each course will meet for 13 weeks over the semester

Note: There are an equal number of instances (13) of each class day throughout the semester.

Note: Please refer to the section on Religious Observances for guidance on how holidays not noted here may impact your class meetings.

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