Academic Calendar



January 19        Tues     ExCollege Faculty Meeting

January 21        Thurs   Classes Begin


February 4        Thurs     Last Day for Students to ADD classes by 5pm EST

February 15      Mon        Presidents’ Day observed (University holiday); no classes

February 18      Thurs     Substitute Monday’s schedule on Thursday

February 25      Thurs     Last Day for Students (Except 1st Year Undergraduates) to

                  • DROP Courses without Record of Enrollment
                  • Select Pass/Fail Option


March 19            Sat          Spring Recess begins; Classes suspended

March 28           Mon        Spring Recess ends; Classes resume


April 7                 Thurs     Last Day for First Year Undergraduates to

                  • DROP Courses without Record of Enrollment
                  • Select Pass/Fail Option


April 18               Mon        Patriots’ Day observed (University holiday); No classes


May 2                   Mon       Classes End

   Last Day for Undergraduates to

                  • Withdraw from a Course and Receive a Grade of W by 5pm

May 3                   Tues      Reading Period

May 4                   Wed      Reading Period

May 5                   Thurs   Reading Period

May 10                 Tues     Grades Due for ExCollege Courses

Note: Each course will meet for 13 weeks over the semester

Religious Observances

Students are encouraged to observe their appropriate religious holidays. Instructors should strive to facilitate this by allowing an excused absence from classes for such purposes, by trying to insure that no examinations, written reports, oral reports, or other mandatory class assignments are due on these days, and by providing ample opportunity for work missed to be made up without penalty.

Please see the full academic calendar and list of major holy days by following this link. (Make sure to select the correct academic year, 2015-2016)

Tufts University Calendar


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