Academic Calendar

ExCollege Academic Calendar

Fall 2015


August 26                                Wed        Explorations and Perspectives Leader Training begins



September 2                           Wed        First-year students begin orientation on campus


September 6                           Sun          Returning students arrive on campus


September 8                           Tues        Classes begin; ExCollege registration continues


September 22                        Tues        Last day for AS&E students to ADD classes by 5pm EST



October 12                               Mon         Columbus Day (University holiday); Classes held


October 13                               Tues        Last day for AS&E students (except first-year undergraduates)

to DROP courses without record of enrollment

Last day for undergraduates (except first-year undergraduates) to select PASS/FAIL option


November 10                         Tues          Substitute Wednesday’s Schedule on Tuesday


November 11                         Wed           Veteran’s Day (University holiday); No Classes


November 17                         Tues          Last Day for Undergraduate First Year Students to DROP

Courses without Record of Enrollment

Last Day for Undergraduate First Year Students to Select PASS/FAIL Option


November 25                         Wed        No classes


November 26                         Thurs     Thanksgiving (University holiday); No Classes


November 27                         Fri            No classes (University holiday)



December 11                          Fri            Classes End

Last Day for AS&E Undergraduates to WITHDRAW from course and receive a grade of W by 5pm EST


December 14                          Mon         Reading Period


December 15                          Tues        Final Examinations Begin


December 21                          Mon         Grades due for ExCollege courses


December 22                          Tues        Final Examinations End

Note: Each course will meet for 13 weeks over the semester


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