First Class Meeting

The initial meeting of each class is the most important one of the semester. It sets the tone for the course. This is your chance to get students excited about the course, and you should plan to teach a full class that day.

Along with giving students the syllabus and your contact info, be prepared to get them involved with the material right away. A brainstorming session about what they know and don’t know, a short video clip that illuminates some aspect of the course content, or a brief in-class writing exercise can serve to whet their appetites and solidify their desire to be in the class.

During the first class meeting you should encourage any students with accessibility needs to speak to you about special accommodations. You should also include this information in your course syllabus so students feel comfortable speaking to you about specific accommodation requests. You can read more about policies and resources regarding accessibility at the link below.

Student Accessibility



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