Visiting Lecturers in the Ex College are paid semi-monthly, on the 15th and 30th of each month,in eight equal installments, beginning September 1st and ending December 15th, as long as you have submitted all the required information by the required deadline.

New Visiting Lecturers (or ones who have been off the Tufts payroll for more than 12 months) must proceeds as follows.

The university provides an “Employee Self Service” site, located at: This site enables employees to have access to their personal, payroll, and benefits information.

Before your employment date, you will receive a letter from the Tufts University Human Resources department that includes your Employee Self Service user ID and password along with instructions on how to access this system. Prior to attending the faculty meeting you must complete the following information on the Employee Self Service site in order to be added to the University’s payroll system:

  • Social Security Number and Date of Hire (September 1st, 2014).
  • Employee Background Information: The University collects information about employees to meet federal government and University reporting requirements. This includes information on your ethnicity, education and veteran status.
  • Direct Deposit Authorization: The University pays employees through direct deposit. You will need to provide your bank information so that your pay can be deposited. You will be able to view your pay information two days before your pay date in Employee Self Service. Please note that your first paycheck will be a live check, while the University processes your direct deposit information. W-4/M-4-Employee Withholding Allowance: You must complete information indicating the number of tax exemptions you wish to claim so that the University can withhold the correct amount of taxes from your pay.
  • I-9: You must provide verification of your identity and eligibility to work in the United States as required under the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 as amended, by completing the I-9 verification. If you are a re-hire and have been paid by the Tufts payroll within one calendar year then you do not need to re-verify your I-9 status.
  • Prior to the Faculty meeting on August 28th it is your responsibility to log into  eServe and complete the first section of the I-9 process.  **Please bring one document from List A, or one document from List B and one document from List C,  to the faculty meeting.** You can find the list of proper documentation here.

New faculty who are having trouble accessing eServe or returning faculty who wish to make changes to tax deductions, direct deposit accounts, etc., can contact the Human Resources Service Center at 617-627-3075.

Please note: Tufts pays everyone through direct deposit. Your first check may be in hard copy. Subsequent checks will be directly deposited.

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