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The FWN Blog – Real Fletcher Women at Work

Do you ever find yourself reading the alumni news about your classmates and thinking, “Oh, what happened to me?”, or “That will never be me.” Facing professional challenges with confidence is a constant for all of us, at different phases of our career, and whether or not we decide to have a life partner and/or raise children.

In this blog, we hope to portray the struggles, strategies, and successes of Fletcher women at work in different stages of their lives. We seek to provide a forum for Fletcher women to share their voices and to provide support, ideas and hope to others facing transitions or just challenges at work. We would like this blog to be one source of solidarity and inspiration for Fletcher women.

We call on you, the reader, to share with us your thoughts, experiences and perspectives You can choose to be anonymous, as we would like this space to encourage openness about the challenges of career development for women.

If you wish to correspond with the blogger one to one, you can send an email via fletcheralumnae@gmail.com and your email will be forwarded to the guest blogger.

We welcome and encourage new bloggers as well, so please send us an email if you would like to write a future blog. As with our responders, you can choose to be anonymous as well.