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News & Views: Sepsis, A Wily Killer, Stymies Doctors’ Efforts To Tame It
Posted on May 15, 2015 by Katherine Malanson | Categories: ID Lesson4-2, ID Unit4, Infectious Disease | | Add comment |

It’s a deadly combination of infection and inflammation striking more than a million Americans every year. Doctors can treat the symptoms of sepsis, but they still can’t treat the underlying problem.

Read more at NPR.org.

News & Views: Wireless sensors help scientists map staph spread inside hospital
Posted on March 23, 2015 by Katherine Malanson | Categories: ID Lesson4-2, Infectious Disease | | Add comment |

network of contacts and exposure to MRSAObadia et al/PLOS Computational Biology

Over four months of tracking and testing, French researchers mapped the hops that bacteria made from one person to another. Within a month, a third of patients were newly colonized with staph.

Read more at NPR.org.