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Unit 5

How do we get better?

Most microbes don’t cause illness. In fact, the human body has ten bacterial cells for every human cell. So, how does the body maintain itself in a microbial world? In this unit, we’ll learn how the immune system marshals its resources to outwit bacteria, viral, and parasitic pathogens. We will then highlight processes that exceptional pathogens use to evade the immune response.

Lesson 1: The Thomas Crown Affair – how does your immune system recognize a threat? (pdf)

Lesson 2: Our body’s barriers – the innate immune system (pdf)

Lesson 3: Evolving pathogens – our body’s responses – B and T cells (pdf)

Lesson 4: The mighty B and T cells – a card game (pdf)

Lesson 5: What makes a good vaccine? (pdf)

Lesson 6: The Great Debate – Are vaccines worth the risk? — Recommended Resources

ID Final Project: Description & Resources

Do Online: Unit 5 Multimedia

Infectious Disease Blog: Unit 5 Further Reading