Bioscience career exploration for high school students

Many students conclude K-12 education curious about science but unaware of the variety of bioscience careers. We developed BioScann, a web-based learning platform, to help high school teachers educate their students about bioscience careers. Through BioScann, students role-play bioscience professionals who must solve current crises in science and medicine, such as climate change or drug development. We hope that this experience emboldens students to pursue a bioscience career if that is their passion.  

The typical BioScann day is comprised of four phases:

We have developed numerous free resources to help you prepare for teaching BioScann. These resources include: the Lesson Overview, Daily Slides, Workbook, and Data Notes for each day. Reviewing these resources will enable you to facilitate productive class-wide conversations, respond to student questions, and guide small group decision-making. For example, the Daily Slides contain “hidden” slides for teacher view only that provide additional background information or explain student data. Additionally, the speaker notes section of the Daily Slides contains information on slide animation, classroom implementation, and background. All of these resources are available through this website and found on the individual ‘Day’ pages. You can also access all teaching resources (those on this website and additional resources) through Google Drive or a Box download.

Teaching Support

A new curriculum is most effective when teachers are supported as they introduce it to their classrooms. Our team is focused on facilitating your successful implementation of the curriculum for your students. We hold professional development workshops 1-2 times a year to give teachers an up close look at the curriculum and hands-on training with the technology. There are also opportunities to partner with us for research studies. Each of our research partners benefits from just-in-time support from our team members. Click below to learn more.