Stress Case

The BioScann Stress Case takes place over 5 days. By the end of the curriculum, students will have a deeper understanding of 1) the biology of stress, 2) the development of public health campaigns, and 3) STEM and STEM-adjacent careers. Throughout Days 1-4, students have group discussions where they analyze data and use it as evidence for an argument. On Day 5, students can either work together to plan a stress-reducing public health campaign at their school or be guided through a STEM career exploration activity.

Content Warning: Talking about stress can itself be stressful. This curriculum also includes topics such as depression, substance use disorder and cardiovascular disease, and shows the prevalence of deaths from intentional self-harm among different age groups. Please direct students to helpful resources in your school/community and/or to the resources listed in the student workbook. You may want to give a heads up to your school’s health and wellness support team (or equivalent) that your class will be doing this curriculum.

Student Workbook

The BioScann Stress Workbook can be printed out for each student instead of the daily worksheets. It includes:

  • The daily worksheets
  • Resources for students who are struggling with stress and/or who want to learn about Substance Use Disorder, Depression and Cardiovascular Disease
  • Glossary
  • Parts of  a Public Health Campaign
  • The Perceived Stress Scale

BioScann Stress Workbook

Curriculum Resources