Preparing to Run BioScann

What to do before starting:

Review curriculum materials
  • Teacher Slides – contain slides for the mini-lectures with background information and implementation suggestions within the notes section of the slides. 
  • Workbook & Worksheets – contain spaces for students to take notes. The workbook contains the daily worksheets, so teachers can choose to print either a workbook for each student, or the daily worksheets, or send it digitally. In addition to having the daily worksheets, the workbook also has a glossary, and resources specific to the case.
  • BioScann – hosts the student resources to explore and learn in groups each day. The platform also allows student groups to report out information on the Results Page and take polls.
Set up and practice using the technology
  • Create a classroom for each class that is using BioScann and 5 groups for each class with unique usernames
    • Test student logins (but don’t click through the module)
    • Returning teachers:
      • Create new classrooms for each class. Please DO NOT DELETE your classrooms from last year. We will lose your data.
  • Assign the Day 1 module to the 5 groups (assign one day at a time)
  • Practice accessing and navigating the Results Page for each classroom (found under “Manage Sessions”)
  • Watch the video on the CSE website about the student features:
Review student roles and their data
  • Student modules and data can be viewed from your BioScann platform account under “View Modules”
  • Student data can also be seen in the Data Notes slides for teachers or in the daily Teacher Slides (they are slides skipped during presentations)
Plan out student expert groupings
  • Add student group login info to the slides or distribute another way
  • Please note that each day there is one role that is a bit more challenging than the others – this is noted on the Summarized Lesson Plans