Preparing to Run BioScann

What do to before starting:

    • Review daily lesson slides, paying attention to the presenter notes
    • Review roles and their data
    • Review modules from Teacher login on (optional, but very helpful)
    • Plan out student groupings (see table below with suggestions for module assignments)
    • Practice using the technology:
    • Print workbook/worksheets and History of Four Drugs – or send digitally to students
    • Returning teachers:
      • DO NOT DELETE your classrooms from last year. We will lose your data.

Suggestions for module assignments:

    Note – if you assign modules in the order that they appear in the drop down menus, they will be distributed as we suggest.

* Indicates roles that contain more challenging data for students to interpret.
a Indicates roles that do not have straightforward answers for students.

Things to remember:

    • Assign roles the day before
    • Test student logins – but DO NOT click through modules
    • Distribute student login information and add it to the slides
    • Plan out Expert and Jigsaw groupings
    • Review presentation notes and data