A Tour of Student BioScann.org


  1. After logging in, the ‘Dashboard’ appears by default.
    1. Students will automatically be viewing modules for the course they are assigned (in the example this is ‘HIV’). If you are running two courses – they will need to choose which course they want to view from the top menu.
    2. All assigned modules can be viewed. In the example, the student has been assigned:
      1. Lisa
      2. Preclinical Trials: Animal Care Technician
      3. Phase I Trials
    3. Any modules that have been marked ‘Complete’ by the teacher will be greyed out. In the example, the only active module is Phase I Trials.
    4. After students click on the module, they are brought to the last page they viewed.


  1. When viewing a module, there is a tracker at the top of every page. 
    1. The current page is in bold and has an enlarged circle.
    2. Viewed pages are indicated by filled purple circles.
    3. Unviewed pages are indicated by empty circles.
    4. Students can navigate to any previously viewed page by clicking on the circle on the tracker that corresponds to that page.
    5. Places where students are asked to wait for teacher instructions are indicated by red filled in circles that say ‘STOP’. This is intended to help students pace themselves.

Canvas Tool:

  1. The canvas page is where students make and submit a decision to the Results Page.
    1. Students MUST must draw on the data and type in responses to the discussion questions below the canvas tool before submitting.
    2. In order to draw on the data/graphs, students should use the mouse or touchscreen capabilities to make notes, circle, or place check marks. 
    3. Students can use the ‘Color Picker’ at the top of the canvas to choose different colors. 
    4. The ‘Clear button erases all marks. (There is no way to undo a single mark.) 
    5. In order to submit, students click the ‘Submit and Next’ button at the bottom of the page.

Results Page:

  1. Some modules have a Results Page built in. These Results Pages will automatically open to the correct module view.
  2. Students can also view results by clicking on the results icon on the left hand side. This view is virtually identical to what the teacher sees from their own login. Review the section on “Reviewing and Navigating the Results Page” for more information.