I know, I know – grad students don’t exactly have a ton of excess money floating around, so you’re a little hesitant about ponying up the cash for the NEMA conference this fall.

You don’t have to go it alone, though! There are several scholarships available that will help pay to attend NEMA – and at least one of them provides preference to Tufts students. (The Laura B. Roberts Scholarship.)

Check out all the NEMA opportunities here. You submit one application, and they’ll consider you for all the scholarships for which you are qualified. Deadline is September 17, and they’ll notify in early October.

But why put all your eggs in one basket? Did you know that Tufts University offers travel funding to conferences for its graduate students? I was lucky enough to receive funding last winter to travel to Salt Lake City to attend a Program Committee meeting for AASLH – and I if I made the cut, then you definitely can!

Learn more about Tufts funding opportunities here.

Last but not least – consider other ways to subsidize your attendance. Split a hotel room with three or four other Tufts students. Sign up to volunteer. Carpool up in someone’s trunk backseat.

Moral of the story: you don’t want to miss this conference.