by editor Phillippa Pitts

We’re all familiar with the well-intentioned but poorly executed museum YouTube video, Twitter stream, or online publication. Some of us are even guilty of creating them. We work hard, even with limited resources and training, to keep pace and keep creating high quality products.

However, there might be a problem even for those out there who are multitalented mavens or saavy consumers: off-the-shelf solutions compromise branding. Heath Shackleford, a marketing consultant, argues:

Technology is indeed empowering those with mini budgets to create mightily. On the flip side, it’s also producing a surplus of uninspired websites, flatlining brands, and cookie cutter approaches to communications. While moving fast and free, nonprofits are trading originality, vision, and identity for templates, plug-ins, and off the shelf solutions.

While I don’t agree with the full article, it’s a great talking point for teams. Is your Pinterest page on mission? Do you know how (or if) your website supports your gallery talks? Can your visitor recognize and navigate these connections? With all your new offshoots and projects, is your institution still telling a coherent story?

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