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Research in our lab is focused primarily on altering various aspects of microbial physiology with the aim of not only engineering them for applications but also to understand why various features of life evolved the way they did. This involves deconvoluting the complexity of their makeup and finding ways to alter their components (genes, proteins, metabolites, etc.) to achieve desired outcomes. As engineers, we believe that building a synthetic system (even if it’s a biological one) is one of the most powerful methods to understand the intricacies of that system.

Interested in joining our team?

We’re almost always looking for enthusiastic people to join us. Check the news page to see if we have any recent postings for openings. Prospective post-docs and undergraduates (preferably juniors or seniors) should contact Dr. Nair by email. Prospective graduate students should apply through the Tufts ChBE graduate program and also e-mail me if they have any research-specific questions.


Hot off the press - a perspective/review by my group on pentose metabolism in yeast is out now on Biotechnol J: https://t.co/x8ehWK0zJI

Back in Champaign, 8 years after defending my PhD thesis, to give a seminar at my home department. Time flies. #tenuretour

Happy birthday to post-doc, Vikas!

Discussing existential questions on luck after several drinks late into the night.

T minus 2 days for the 5th annual Nair lab BBQ. All shall prepare appetite for food and drink starting now! #nairlabBBQ

Welcoming our newest faculty member, Prof. Nav Nidhi Rajput, to our department! https://t.co/JJptmaST0p

Pre-print of our review/perspective article on pentose metabolism in S. cerevisiae published in Biotechnol J.

How I often feel after journal club. Especially @Bir_Win ‘s presentation yesterday. 😭

Mike Feigin@mikefeigin

Glass half full: I was right!
Glass half empty: Scooped!

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