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Research in our lab is focused primarily on altering various aspects of microbial physiology with the aim of not only engineering them for applications but also to understand why various features of life evolved the way they did. This involves deconvoluting the complexity of their makeup and finding ways to alter their components (genes, proteins, metabolites, etc.) to achieve desired outcomes. As engineers, we believe that building a synthetic system (even if it’s a biological one) is one of the most powerful methods to understand the intricacies of that system.

Interested in joining our team?

We’re almost always looking for enthusiastic people to join us. Check the news page to see if we have any recent postings for openings. Prospective post-docs and undergraduates (preferably juniors or seniors) should contact Dr. Nair by email. Prospective graduate students should apply through the Tufts ChBE graduate program and also e-mail Prof. Nair if they have any research-specific questions.

Our work describing the impact of SCFAs and dietary fructose on phage production by L. reuteri can be downloaded until April 4 2019: https://t.co/5LZmII87NU

If we want to make a quick batch of agar plates, departmental autoclave takes >2 hr. We often microwave, which works but is messy. Just ordered Instant Pot Duo 8-qt for the lab. $99 on Amazon, same price as LUX, which has 1 fewer function. https://t.co/5sv0IrcMWC

Proud to announce a new manuscript authored by grad student Joe Bober, "Surpassing thermodynamic, kinetic, and stability barriers to isomerization catalysis for tagatose biosynthesis" @bxv_bioeng @biorxivpreprint https://t.co/jL2gjrJkPR

ChemE Graduate Seminar Series welcomes Nikhil Nair of Tufts University Feb. 7 with "On How to Convince Baker's Yeast to be a Less Picky Eater." Details and abstract in flyer. Open to all ISU graduate students, faculty, post-docs and scientists. @IowaStateCBE

Just landed @dsmairport - excited to share our work with @IowaStateCBE and @NSF_CBiRC! Thanks for @ZengyiShao and @mrmansell for hosting me! @jarboe_laura #tenuretour

A bit late posting his, but better late than never! Happy birthday to @TrevorBNicks, PhD (candidate)! #nairlabbdays no #mucusknife.

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