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Welcome to the Nair lab website!

Research in our lab is focused primarily on altering various aspects of microbial physiology with the aim of not only engineering them for applications but also to understand why various features of life evolved the way they did. This involves deconvoluting the complexity of their makeup and finding ways to alter their components (genes, proteins, metabolites, etc.) to achieve desired outcomes. As engineers, we believe that building a synthetic system (even if it’s a biological one) is one of the most powerful methods to understand the intricacies of that system.

Interested in joining our team?

We’re almost always looking for enthusiastic people to join us. Check the news page to see if we have any recent postings for openings. Prospective post-docs and undergraduates (preferably juniors or seniors) should contact Dr. Nair by email. Prospective graduate students should apply through the Tufts ChBE graduate program and also e-mail Prof. Nair if they have any research-specific questions.

What an amazing meeting #bostonbacterial22 has been! We would like to thank, our 2022 co-chairs @ssespinozam and @Jenna_Wurster, the organizing committee, and all of our attendees for creating a wonderful & engaging environment for science! THANK YOU!

BBM returns in person tomorrow! 🥳We are so excited to see many bacteriologists and talk about their incredible science. Talks, posters, networking, industry, and many more... 👀Tweet and follow our event by using #bostonbacterial22 hashtag.😎

LAST DAY to register for #BBM2022!! Our registration closes TODAY. Go register now to learn more about the amazing science happening in the greater Boston Area! https://bostonbacterial.org


The @BlennerLab is looking for a lab technician - someone with BS and some molecular biology / biochemistry lab experience. Ideally, looking to gain a few years of lab and research experience, looking to jump to grad school or industry after. Excitement about #synbio required.

The @BlennerLab is looking for a staff scientist with either significant analytical experience relevant to large and small Biomolecule detection (GC, LC, MS, metabolomics, or proteomics), or significant microbial engineering and molecular cloning experience. DM w/ interest.

A wonderful, heartfelt symposium at the New England Catalysis Society meeting in honor of Maria “Miretta” Flytzani Stephanopoulos, hosted at @TuftsUniversity #NECS @NAMCATSOC


Ok so I reviewed this paper and was very torn. Many things need fixing. But there was sth at the core worth publishing. I debated reject v maj rev. Came down on latter after realizing that sending to a potentially less scrupulous journal that may publ as is would be a disservice.

Nair @Nair Lab@nair_lab

Just reviewing a manuscript for a journal that is 1000+ pages long 😂😄🤔🤨😑😰😭<- me going through a series of emotions scrolling the pages realizing what I've just signed up for.

That said my group is looking for a lab manager or staff scientist to start in late 2022. We have exciting technologies at the frontiers of synthetic & chemical biology, have an outstanding group of students, and a highly supportive lab culture. Come be part of something special

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