April 2019

Sara defends her thesis! (Apr 23)
Congratulations to Sara Amin (co-advised PhD student with Soha Hassoun, Tufts Computer Science) for successfully defending her thesis! (tweet)

Post-defense, Dr. Amin is all smiles!

Joe and Brett defend on the same day! (Apr 19)
Congratulations to both, Doctor Bober and Master Irwin! (tweet)

Post-defense mug shots

Congratulations to Zac Mays for completing the Boston Marathon! (Apr 15)

Prof. Nair featured in the Tufts Engineering Virtual Campus Tour!

The Nair lab attends ACS BIOT in sunny Orlando, FL! (Apr 1-5)

Todd presents his talk on combating biofilms with engineered probiotics (tweet).
Vikas presents his talk on developing bacteriocins as antimicrobials (tweet).
Zac presents his talk on engineering mucus adhesion in probiotics (tweet).