August 2019

The Nair lab is awarded an NSF grant to continue studies in yeast for synthetic biology and metabolic engineering applications! (Aug 23)
Thanks to all the people in the group, especially former grad student Venkatesh, for laying the foundation for this work! (tweet, link)

Zac’s manuscript is live now on bioRxiv and submitted for review! (Aug 12)
The work on quantifying and engineering mucus binding was led by Zac and supported by Todd. (bioRxiv, tweet)

A revised version of Joe’s manuscript is now on bioRxiv! (Aug 4)
It took almost 5 months to address the reviewers’ comments, most of which were quite reasonable (!). The paper’s significantly improved with more scientific insights behind the engineering results! (bioRxiv, tweet)

The Nair lab receives a collaborative grant from NSF to understand the role of enzyme promiscuity in cellular metabolism and engineering! (Aug 1)
The work will be led by long-time collaborator Prof. Soha Hassoun and will also involve contributions from machine-learning expert Prof. Liping Liu. (link)