April 2020

Zac and Todd defend their respective PhD theses! (April 17, 22)
Congratulations to the both of you! Of course, we had to hold the defense virtually – but the one advantage was that it was easier for family members and former lab members to attend the thesis and lend moral support! (tweet1, tweet2)

We just submitted Vikas’ manuscript! (April 13)
Vikas’ paper about the effect of bystander microbes and/or other microbial community members on the potency of antimicrobials is submitted!
Pre-print on bioRxiv. (tweet)

Todd’s manuscript is submitted! (April 8)
We just submitted Todd’s manuscript that encompasses the majority of his work as a PhD student. Fingers crossed!!!
Pre-print on bioRxiv. (tweet)

A hat-trick for Zac! (April 2)
Zac’s third manuscript in a row is now available as a preprint on bioRxiv! The work described the development of a resource called ALT-CAT – a PK-PD model for microbial therapeutics. The code for the work is available on GitHub. Awesome job Zac! (tweet)