July 2021

Bec Condrutti joins the group! (Jul 1)Bec is part of the CMDB program at Tufts GSBS – the first to join the group from this program. Welcome, Bec!!

June 2021

A new manuscript on PAL engineering + characteriation is live! (Jun 7)The work was initiated by Karishma, led by Vikas and Todd, and was done in collaboration with friends at Kcat Enzymatic. It describes deep mutational scanning, characterization, and engineering of PAL. It’s now live on bioRxiv! Here’s a Twitter thread with a brief summary.

April 2021

Debika and Athreya leave the group (Apr 30)Debika leaves the group for a second post-doc with Prof. Kelsi Sandoz (Cornell). Athreya graduated with a B.S. in ChE and accepted a job at Pfizer. Good luck to both of you! New group photo on Zoom (Apr 28)Hopefully, the next one is in-person, again! Rana passes her …

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March 2021

New paper out! (Mar 8)“Analysis of Metabolic Network Disruption in Engineered Microbial Hosts due to Enzyme Promiscuity” is out now! It features Nair lab member Trevor & former group member, Venkatesh! Excellent collaboration with Hassoun group and members, Vlad and Sara. Find the paper here.