April 2019

Sara defends her thesis! (Apr 23)
Congratulations to Sara Amin (co-advised PhD student with Soha Hassoun, Tufts Computer Science) for successfully defending her thesis! (tweet)

Post-defense, Dr. Amin is all smiles!

Joe and Brett defend on the same day! (Apr 19)
Congratulations to both, Doctor Bober and Master Irwin! (tweet)

Post-defense mug shots

Congratulations to Zac Mays for completing the Boston Marathon! (Apr 15)

Prof. Nair featured in the Tufts Engineering Virtual Campus Tour!

The Nair lab attends ACS BIOT in sunny Orlando, FL! (Apr 1-5)

Todd presents his talk on combating biofilms with engineered probiotics (tweet).
Vikas presents his talk on developing bacteriocins as antimicrobials (tweet).
Zac presents his talk on engineering mucus adhesion in probiotics (tweet).

March 2019

Trevor Wins Tufts Pride on the Hill Award! (Mar 18)
Congratulations, Trevor!
The Pride on the Hill Award is named for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender alumni organization of Tufts. The award honors undergraduate or graduate students who, through community involvement, artistic expression, written work or scientific research have contributed the most to an understanding at Tufts of gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender identities during the preceding academic year.

February 2019

Manuscript accepted! (Feb 21)
Congrats to Sara and Venkatesh for having their manuscript “Establishing Synthesis Pathway-Host Compatibility via Enzyme Solubility” accepted for publication in Biotechnology & Bioengineering! linkbioRxiv

Another manuscript up on bioRxiv! (Feb 12)
Joe’s manuscript titled, “Surpassing thermodynamic, kinetic, and stability barriers to isomerization catalysis for tagatose biosynthesis” is up! (link) Fingers crossed for the peer-review!

Prof. Nair gives a seminar at the Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering at Iowa State University. (Feb 6 – 7)
Thanks to Prof. Zengyi Shao and Prof. Tom Mansell for the invitation and the opportunity to present our work on non-native substrate metabolism in S. cerevisiae (link).

New manuscript preprint up! (Feb 1)
Sara’s new manuscript is up on bioRxiv! It’s about incorporating enzyme promiscuity to expand genome-scale metabolic models and explain the presence of unaccounted metabolites seen in metabolomics data! (link)