December 2019

Bruno defends his thesis! (Dec 19)
Congratulations, Bruno! (tweet)

Trevor attends the Cell-Free Systems Conference in downtown Boston! (Dec 4 – 6)
Trevor was representing the group at the conference and presented a poster on his work related to spore display for cell-free metabolic engineering.

November 2019

Joe’s work is highlighted in Tufts Now! (Nov 21)
Thanks to Mike Silver for the writeup on Tufts Now! (link)
This writeup seems to have gained some traction! ~50 K likes on reddit (link).

Prof. Nair gives an invited talk at the annual AIChE conference! (Nov 10 – 15)
Thanks to Prof. Tagbo Neipa and Prof. Elizabeth Stewart for extending the invitation to speak in the Topical session “Microbes at Biomedical Interfaces”. (tweet)

Joe (ahem… Dr. Bober) leaves the lab and finds a real job! (Nov 1)
Congratulations, Joe for accepting a job as Organism Engineer at Ginkgo Bioworks!

September 2019

Prof. Nair goes to Enzyme Engineering XXV! (Sept 15-19)
Prof. Nair presents Joe’s work on tagatose synthesis in beautiful Whistler, BC, Canda. (link, tweet, tweet)
Prof. Nair also organizes the poster session along with Prof. Bian Wu (CAS). Thanks to all the volunteer judges and congratulations to the 4 poster prize winners!

Joe’s paper is accepted in Nature Communications! (Sept 13)
Congratulations, Joe! A fantastic achievement! Link to publisher’s website coming when available. But for now, please find it at bioRxiv.
We did have to change the title because the journal does not allow commas, so the original manuscript titled:
“Surpassing Thermodynamic, Kinetic, and Stability Barriers to Isomerization Catalysis for Tagatose Biosynthesis”
is now renamed to:
“Galactose to Tagatose Isomerization at Moderate Temperatures with High Conversion and Productivity”

Lab group photo has been updated! (Sept 10)

September 2019 group photo. (L-R) Front: Debika, Karishma, Prof. Nair, Daniel, Sean, Joe. Back: Aaron, Zac, Todd, Trevor, Bruno, Vikas. (Alexis & Athreya not present)