Approval Workflows


  • Communities can be made up of classes or ad-hoc groups of individuals
  • Must have one end-user for a community – this the user who submits the publication to the master Perseids board for publication on behalf of the community.
  • Must have at least one board for a community. Can have multiple board members and require either an absolute count of approve/reject votes or a percentage of all board member votes.  Board members may be the same as the community end-user but do not have to be.
    • In the classroom workflow, students are the members of a community and the professor and/or TAs may be board members. Either the professor or the TA can be the community end user but not both.
    • It is possible to setup multiple boards for a community based upon the type of document – i.e. so that treebank annotations could go to one board and texts another. For now we are using a single board per community.
  • Publications that go through the community workflow can be submitted to the master board but do not have to be. If they are not, they just remain in the community’s repo until they are deleted.
  • From Step 5, the process is exactly the same for a regular Perseids user who is not part of a community.
  • Currently, to keep things simple, we have one Perseids Master Board configured to which all document types go.  In the future we will probably want to expand upon this.