Breaking the Language Barrier

This is a guide to the set of activities and materials developed for the Breaking the Language Barrier
project. The purpose of these activities is to introduce non-­language students to Greek and Latin and get
them to work directly with those languages. The materials here can be presented as ­they are, but are designed to
be worked into other class projects and activities; examples of assignments are provided in the activity
Preparatory Materials– These are lessons designed to introduce students to the basics of Greek and Latin.

Activity Materials– These are lessons based around students directly interacting with Greek and Latin texts.

Supplementary Materials– Materials to teach students how to use the Perseus Digital Library.


This guide and all materials are free to distribute, reuse, and rework under a Creative Commons
Attribution­ShareAlike 3.0 United States License. Preparatory Materials


This project was designed and first implemented in the classroom by Greg Crane and Anna Krohn at Tufts University.

This project was completed with the support of Tufts University under a Tufts Innovates seed grant and
the Perseus Digital Library.