Using Digital Humanities to Develop Citizen Scholars

Using Digital Humanities to Develop Citizen Scholars: The Bodin Project

Principal Investigator: Ioannis D. Evrigenis, School of Arts & Sciences

Supported by a Tufts Innovates! Grant

To engage undergraduate and graduate students in the interdisciplinary development of a multi-lingual, annotated digital variorum edition of Bodin’s Six livres de la republique (1576), De Republica Libri Sex (1586), and Six Bookes of a Commonweale (1606). This edition will enable users to electronically access the three existing versions alongside a contemporary, searchable translation of Bodin’s work, which is recognized widely as having an enduring influence over key current political concepts. In spring 2014, a Political Theory Methods seminar will incorporate the work that has been done on the new digital edition up to that point. This project will combine active citizenship with serious scholarship, train the next generation of citizen scholars, and offer students the rare opportunity of making genuine contributions to knowledge in areas that are often considered beyond their reach.