Bodin Project Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes – 2013-06-14

Participants: Yannis, Mike, Bridget Lisa

Workflow Decisions:

  • Mike will give Bridget & Lisa Book 1 of the Latin to review and make workflow suggestions about what cleanup can/should be automated going forward
  • The students will limit their work to scanning and verifying with the dictionary until a more defined workflow is established
  • Bridget and Lisa will review the current dictionary files and Perseus word lists and produce a new dictionary file that should be used by the students going forward
  • Students won’t work with files in github directly for now but should send their work to Bridget and Lisa periodically to put into github for version control/backup
  • Github issue list should be used to track questions about what can be automated, tasks that need to be done, etc. Bridget will enter one for dealing with the pipe separator of the word/sentence breaks in the English to get this started.
  • Mike and Yannis will begin to document edition decisions/guidelines on the Editing Guidelines page of the Perseids site.
  • Mike to send Bridget his email address for access to the site.
  • book/chapter/section headings from the EEBO English version to be the guide for the Latin and French