Bodin Project Workplan – Spring 2014

The goal for Spring 2014 will be to produce a prototype digital edition dissemination of Book 1 (or subset of chapters from Book 1) across all 3 editions, Latin, French and English.

Students will work on the following tasks in Perseids:

  • continued cleanup of the Latin and French OCR output
  • annotation of Latin-English alignment chunks at the section level
  • identification and markup of chapter sections in the French
  • annotation of sources and named entities
  • commentary annotations

Target date for students to begin working in Perseids is February 6. We will schedule a training session with the students for a day that week, TBD.

Preparatory work required by Perseids Developers by February 2:

  • clean-up vertical line break marks in the English text
  • turn section milestones to divs in English and Latin texts
  • setup CITE collections and UI for annotations

Outstanding Issues:

  • Need a list of the most important sources for Book 1 to allow students to select texts in Perseids for annotations
  • If students are going to do name/place entity annotations, need to identify which authorities will be used.
  • Design prototype  digital edition dissemination
  • Decide on approach to XML editing ( oXygen vs Perseids  or just Perseids)