Workplan for DH in the classroom

Initial Workplan

Quarter Milestone Deliverables
Q1 9/13-11/13 Use in Fall 2013 Greek Inscription and Mythology classes
Scholarly Visit 1
CTS URN versioning
CITE URN support
Shibboleth Authentication
External Services Module
Annotation Service Configuration Options
Morphology Service enhancements
Q2 12/13-2/14 Use in Spring 2014 Latin Medieval Manuscripts class
Scholarly Visit 2
SoSOL performance enhancements
Data Management Module
Automatic morpho-syntactic annotation workflow
Solicit feedback
Q3 3/14-5/14 First Hackathon
Use in class on Fragmentary texts
Scholarly Visit 3
Catalog interface integration
hOCR/CoPhiProofreader integration
Alpheios Editor integration
Q4 6/14-8/14 Deploy Catalog integration
International Scholarly Workshop
Scholarly Visit 4
Data Management Module (UI)
Data import/external annotation targets
Solicit feedback
Q5 9/14-11/14 Decision on ePortfolio format
Scholarly Visit 5
GERTRUDE/eTraces integration
Respond to feedback
Q6 12/14-2/15 Use in classes working with digital editions and text reuse analyses and annotations
Scholarly Visit 6
ePortfolio Module
SAM limited implementation
Text analysis service integration
Solicit feedback
Q7 3/15-5/15 Second Hackathon
Deploy ePortfolio module
Scholarly Visit 7
ePortfolio module/dynamic syllabi
IAM Institional Role investigation/experimentation
Q8 6/15-8/15 Deploy enhancements and bug fixes
Scholarly visit 8
Solicit and respond to feedback

Ongoing status and developer notes/documentation can be found on the perseids development wiki.