Perseids Treebanking Instructions

  1. Access to Perseids for treebanking is currently through custom pilot links to create a template or edit an existing annotation.
  2. Follow a link on the pilot page, and Login to Perseids and/or Create an account
  3. Upon login, you will be at the Edit display for the treebank file, with the first 50 sentences listed.
  4. Use the Next/Previous links at the top right of the list to navigate the sentence.
  5. Click on a sentence to edit it in Alpheios
  6. Use the Alpheios Editor as normal. Clicking on the Save icon from Alpheios will update the file in Perseids.
  7. From Alpheios, click on Sentence List to return to the Perseids display.
  8. To edit the XML for a treebank file, click on the Overview tab from the sentence list display.
  9. Click Edit Treebank XML
  10. Make your desired changes to the XML file, enter a comment for the change, and click Save
    • The treebank XML is validated upon save. An error will be displayed if it doesn’t validate and the change won’t be saved.
    • Sentences will be renumbered to their positional document order upon save.
    • Words will be renumbered to their positional sentence order upon save. If words are renumbered, the head attribute values are zeroed out and a warning will be displayed after save. You will need to redraw the tree for these sentences.  (Future versions of the interface may attempt to redraw the tree automatically if possible).
  11. To submit a change for review, from the Overview screen, enter a comment, select the appropriate review board from the drop-down list and click Submit.