Introductory Treebanking

This is a guide to integrating dependency treebanks into an intermediate Latin or Greek classroom setting. Part of this guide is composed of resources for educators, and part of this guide contains resources for to help students with the treebanking process. Each treebanking project is different and this guide endeavors to help educators design the class that best suits their situation. This guide is divided into three parts, Preparation, Classroom, and Assessment.

Preparation– A guide for educators to help them determine what kind of treebanking project they wish to use, which tagsets they wish to use, and how central tot he course they want the project to be.

Classroom– Contains resources and links to distribute to students to help in their treebanking process, as well as demo assignment schedules, ideas for secondary assignments, and workload distribution.

Assessment– contains links and resources which help educators grade treebanks and provide quality feedback for students

his guide assumes a basic understanding of Dependency Grammar and Dependency treebanking. If you would like to read up on some of the fundamentals of treebanking, the introduction in this guide to Latin treebanking is very helpful, while also providing visual examples of common Latin constructions.  We also have screencasts for further instructions. Both of these will be listed with the teaching materials in the Classroom section, as we feel they are also very helpful for students.

This guide and all materials are free to distribute, reuse, and rework under a Creative Commons
Attribution­ShareAlike 3.0 United States License. Preparatory Materials