Athlos: A Journey Through Running

“The Perseids team has been exploring how scholarly research on Classical mythology can be brought to a broad audience via art and digital media. Our recent projects on social networks of Classical Mythology are an example of one form this can take (

Henry Hintermeister’s creative writing project integrating the experiences of track and field athletes with Classical and World mythology is another part of this effort on outreach for Classics in social media and for the general public. Henry’s aim is to readapt Classical storytelling for a modern audience, engaging people who are unfamiliar with Classical literature with the fantastic and moving stories of myth. He hopes to create content that will energize and inspire. Track and field in particular lends itself to mythical comparisons because it is in many ways a solitary physical and spiritual journey, like those undertaken by mythical heroes. One competes not against others, but against themselves, in the pursuit of self improvement and spiritual growth. Joseph Campbell, the celebrated mythologist who developed the theory of “The Hero’s Journey,” was also a world class 800 meter runner, after all.

We hope you enjoy Athlos: A Journey through Running.

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