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Oxford YASA Motors
Tufts Hybrid Racing is excited to announce our partnership with Oxford YASA motors who will supply the electric motor for our next car, the THR 12.  As we begin to reach the end of our design phase, a lot of work can now be compeleted to integrate the motor into our hybrid power train.  We are thrilled to have Oxford YASA Motors as a partner, and cannot wait to see what their motor can do.
And we’re off!
| October 18, 2010 | 7:14 pm | Tufts Hybrid Racing | Only Pings

The Tufts Hybrid Racing Team is off and designing!!  Due to our very young team and the lack of development options for the FH 10 (our old car), we’ve decided to take a year off from the Formula Hybrid competition.  Over the next two years we will design and assemble a totally new race car, the THR 12.  The new team is extremely motivated and is ready to take on this challenge!

The new core team members are:

Chris Jackson – Project Leader
Rob Kaufman – Financial Manager
Simon Metcalf – Lead Powertrain Engineer
Alex Chan – Lead Chassis Engineer
Nathan Goldsberry – Lead Suspension Engineer
Will Salisbury- Lead Electrical and Computer Engineer

Want to Join Tufts Hybrid Racing
| September 14, 2010 | 1:34 am | Tufts Hybrid Racing | Only Pings

To learn more about the Tufts Hybrid Racing team, visit us at the Activities Fair Tuesday, September 14th on the Res. Quad from 5-7pm.

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