THR 13


The THR 13 directly followed the THR 12 and used the same chassis with an updated Front Hoop Bracing. The THR 13 ran from 2013 – 2018, starting life as a hybrid car utilizing a lithium ion accumulator and motorcycle engine and then transitioning into a fully electric vehicle.

THR 13 Throughout The Years


During our first year working on the THR 13 we started off by hacking away at the front hoop bracing of the THR 12 and welding a new frame system (shown below). This allowed us to have better placements for our shock absorbers, and bring the low voltage electronics closer to the hood, helping shift our center of gravity to the center of the car. In addition we created a new fuel storage and electrical wiring harness.


During these years the team was able to make many accomplishments. We continuously updated our aero packages and made changes to our project management to better suit the team as we grew. With these changes we were able to enter the competition and receive 1st place in 2015 as an electric vehicle!


Between 2016-2018, Tufts Racing became Tufts Electric Racing as we transitioned from a hybrid vehicle to a fully electric vehicle. In addition to this, Tufts Electric Racing crafted relationships with sponsors and transitioned from working in a section of Bray Lab to a newly repurposed garage adjacent to Bray Lab.

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