The AS&E GSC has formed internal committees and external committees on the university-wide committees. Please contact the designated email if you are interested in joining them! To join the GSC as a department representative or graduate student organization representative please contact

Internal Committees

Academic and Professional Development Committee
The Academic and Professional Development Committee is responsible for finding and providing opportunities for graduate students to better themselves academically and professionally. The two major events hosted by this committee are the 3-Minute Thesis Competition (Fall semester) and the Graduate Student Research Symposium (Spring semester). Contact to join!

Community Outreach Committee
The Community Outreach Committee facilitates community engagement and volunteer opportunities for graduate students. Involvement can range from spending a morning preparing food for homebound citizens to participating in reoccurring home building events with Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston. Contact to join!

International Student Committee
The International Student Committee was formed to host events specifically tailored to international students’ concerns. This committee serves as a platform and a voice for the international graduate student body to vocalize their needs and provide them with opportunities to succeed. Workshops and events are utilized to foster a welcoming community and connect international students to needed resources. Contact to join!

Social Life Committee
The Social Life Committee puts together events for graduate students both on and off campus including apple picking in the fall and pub nights throughout the year. These events are intended to foster and grow the graduate student community at Tufts through relaxed social events. Contact to join!

Student Life Committee
The Student Life Committee is responsible for listening to the concerns and suggestions of the graduate student community to improve the Tufts graduate experience.  Student Life events include What’s the Tea (rebrand of the Vent Event), Dean’s Coffee Hours and other events that improve graduate student wellbeing.  Contact to join!

Arts & Humanities Committee
The Arts & Humanities Committee was created to increase our collaboration with the SMFA Campus, attract more SMFA graduate students to participate in GSC offerings, and most importantly to ensure adequate representation of SMFA graduate students on the GSC Executive Board. Contact to join!

External University-wide Committees

A full list of external committees can be found here. The AS&E GSC currently has representatives in committees below:

Budget and University Priorities Committee
Campus Planning and Development Committee
Committee on Student Life
Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Council (DILC)
Educational Policy Committee
Equal Educational Opportunity Committee
Faculty Research Support Advisory Committee
Experimental College Board
Gifts of Art Committee
Information Technology Committee
Library Committee
Policy and Programs Committee
Committee on Curricula
Public Art Committee
The Student Health Advisory Board
Committee on Student Conduct
Graduate Housing Committee