Tufts 3MT


The Tufts Graduate Student Council is proud to present Tufts Three-Minute Thesis (3MT), formerly Tufts Ignite. This is a great opportunity for graduate students to present their research in the form of a 3MT talk! 

Students will present their research in 3 minutes with a single slide. Presentations can be based on a proposal, work in progress, completed experiment, or published work, and will be judged accordingly. Presentations will be judged based on clarity, merit/relevance, methodology, and broader impact. 

Call for Abstracts

The call for abstracts will be announced in Fall 2020.

More Information


Three-Minute talk and 1 slide (no animations).

The Prize amounts for Tufts 3MT will be awarded by the judges.

2020 awards amounts will be announced in Fall 2020.

Thanks to those who have already volunteered!

Students interested in serving as event volunteers and faculty or administrators interested in serving as judges should please the chair of the GSC Academic and Career Development Committee, at gsc-academic@tufts.edu

Questions? Contact gsc-academic@tufts.edu.